We all struggle with finding meaning and purpose in life.

We each attempt to define a life worth living, even in the most tragic of circumstances.

Even though you may be struggling with toxic shame and even various forms of self-hatred, I personally believe that your life is precious and beautiful.

With direction and a spirit of hope, we can collaborate to find meaning and purpose even in your most tragic circumstances.

The death of a loved one, past traumatic experiences, disconnected families, the loss of a job and struggle to find work, and life transitions can throw our lives off balance.

But tragic and disheartening circumstances don't have to rule your life.

"He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Discover what gives your life meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

My passion and calling is to walk with you where you are at. I am honored to walk with you through healing your brain from unwanted painful connections to tragedies in your past.

This process is, of course, on your terms.

As we do this, you will some tools to help manage those overwhelming moments. You will begin to find that you can function and even thrive in the present moment. With momentum and practice you are finding the reasons for why you choose to continue to move forward through the how.

It is a journey worth taking.

As we journey through what may be your darkest hours, you will find help and support and even healing from trauma in the past.

You'll discover what becoming stable in the present moment could look like for you.

Ultimately we may even discover your "why" and develop a plan that has realistic goals for you to become that authentic version of you that you so long to be.

It's time to look for help in all the right places.

Children struggle with attachment and bonding, with relationships, school, stigmas, behaviors, trauma from other children committing suicide in our community, and so many other things that can seem overwhelming to you as a parent.

When we work together to develop a treatment plan for your loved youth or teen, we'll first discover what you have been doing right!

Obviously, you've done something right because they're alive and here with you today.

We'll work together to figure out all of the resources you've already engaged in, and then build a system of supports around you and your child.

Then your youth and I will begin the process of building a framework to navigate their mental health challenges. In addition to healing from traumatic memories, your youth will learn about healthy boundaries, communication skills, anger management, self confidence, and develop and path towards a healthy life worth living for themselves.

Learn parenting strategies that work for you and your child.

We'll navigate the challenges of attachment and bonding, and re-connecting with your child. You will gain resources and support towards parenting more effectively. You learn healthy boundaries and gain encouragement and support in starting to model these skills for your youth. You can do this! I believe in you.

I'll work individually with your child to help them have a voice and share their desires and questions with an objective outsider.

We'll work together to figure out what work needs to be done to build a happy and healthy home where everyone feels heard, validated, and important.

The work is not easy, but you and your family are worth it!

Call me or email me now to get the process started.

About Me

Mac Fish, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor

Mac Fish, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor

As a Colorado native, I love spending quality time with my awesome wife, exploring the wilderness, snowboarding, training for triathlons, playing board games, hanging out with my family, and, of course, adventuring with our lovely dogs Sati and Lucy.

As a counselor, my style tends to be direct, compassionate, and practical.

The training I received from Colorado Christian University, where I received a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling, has been a wonderful blessing in my life.

I also have training and experience as a missionary in Africa with "Word to Africa Botswana" where I received a rich background in biblical theology, counsel, and enrichment. We can certainly utilize scripture and prayer to guide our process of healing if you so desire.

One area of interest and clinical specialty for me is healing trauma as an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) practitioner. EMDR is a specialized technique for people who have experienced trauma which results in a person having triggers. This can seem intrusive, unwelcome, overwhelming, and never ceasing. EMDR helps people get unstuck!

Another area of clinical training and specialization that I use in my counseling practice is called Meaning-Centered counseling or more traditionally "Logotherapy," which helps us to discover meaning and purpose in your life, even in the most tragic of circumstances.

I am truly honored and blessed to walk with you on your journey towards healing and new life.

I am truly honored and blessed to walk with you on your journey towards healing and new life.

I have always loved the underdog story, and find beauty in building relationship and healing with the outcast or outsider.

Where humanity at large sees a reject or lost cause, I find opportunity and hope!

Just look at my puppy and me.

People (maybe even you) might think you are broken and beyond repair but I see hope and potential! Call me (970) 697-7995 and let's figure out how I can best serve you.

Areas of Focus

Meaning-Centered EMDR, Transitions in life, Men's Issues, Adolescents, Trauma, Existential Crisis, Christian Counseling (only if requested), and Addictions (Sexual, Drug, and Alcohol).




There are some people that are fortunate enough to claim the title of Native to Colorado, and there are others that can claim the geniuses of becoming a Coloradan by choice as soon as they possibly could. As someone who grew up in Colorado, left for awhile, and then felt the mountains calling me back, I like to think that I can claim both!

There is nothing I love more than to play outside with my amazing husband and crazy two kids. Whether that is going on a hike and enjoying the breathtaking views and overwhelming sense of peace, or chasing a squirrel with my two year old and really hoping we don't end up catching it (because what in the world do you do when you actually catch a live squirrel?!), being outside is where it is at for my family and I. I am a firm believer in the motto that you must play hard to be able to work hard. It is all about balance.

After spending about eight years working for a non profit organization all around the world, with about four of those years in Cambodia, and two years in San Francisco, I found myself compelled to finish my dream of becoming a counselor. Finishing my Masters of Arts in Counseling at Colorado Christian University, I was given the space to utilize what I had learned living overseas and also learn and practice cutting edge modalities for approaching and processing symptoms of trauma, depression, and anxiety.

I believe that sometimes in this fast paced world, all we are truly longing for is a genuine connection with another, a moment to just be, space to think and feel. I believe that there are times in everyone's life where we can benefit from having a listening ear, having someone in our corner to offer acknowledgment and understanding, to speak truth and life. My focus in counseling is to join you in where you are at, and help you walk towards where you want to be going.

Whether you have recently experienced a great loss, experienced an unforeseen change, or are still reeling from something that happened years, even decades ago, I am here to help. Specializing in trauma, it would be my honor to help you process what you have experienced and are experiencing, and to walk alongside you as you find your new way, your new normal. There is always hope, and it is my job to help you find it.

I too have faced a few moments in life, a few forks in the road, where I had to make a choice, and I personally know how important it is to have good people alongside you as you do it. I would be honored to be someone in your corner as you face the curves, detours, and forks in yours.

You've got what it takes, and it is my honor to help you find it, see it, and use it to move forward.


Trauma, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue, First Response, Women's Health, Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression, Christian Counseling (if specifically requested).




Some moments in our lives can reveal our unhappiness, dissatisfaction, or frustration with parts of our existence. Are you feeling stuck in one of these moments? Maybe you're unsure why you even feel this way, which just adds to the pressure you already feel. Maybe you've pinpointed the remedy but are struggling to make that change. As an empathetic, compassionate professional, I am here to work with you, to support your goals and empower you in improving your life. I am currently taking on new clients and would be privileged to be a part of your journey towards becoming your best self.

Moreover, trauma and the resulting symptoms can be a multi-headed monster, including nightmares, flashbacks, high levels of irritability, and self-destructive behaviors. As trauma can powerfully impact on our lives, I also specialize in working with those who've struggled with the symptoms of trauma through use of EMDR and trauma-based treatment strategies.

Call or text me and I will respond within 24 hours to help you begin your journey of healing. Together, we will create goals, both meaningful and purposeful, in a treatment plan designed to give you what you seek - a life updated.