We experience great pain and suffering.

Because our brains are so advanced, we ascribe meaning to this suffering.

We deeply long to find meaning and purpose in our life.

At every stage of life there's a looming question of significance.

We get stuck feeling like our life is not measuring up.

This might be because our parents or authority figures in our lives said things like...

"You are a disappointment."
"You are disgusting."
"You are an idiot."
"You are worthless!"

They might verbally abuse us with words like this, or they might abuse us physically, sexually, or emotionally. In each case our brain concludes that we must be a failure, a disappointment, or any of the other countless negatives.

We take on an identity of failure.

Because those people who put this baggage on us are the ones who are supposed to guide and direct us, we tend to believe what they say.

We give them power to determine what we believe about ourselves.

Then it gets really messy when we start repeating the same type of things to ourselves. We become abusive to ourselves. Sometimes we are far worse towards ourselves than any of our abusers have been.

We even build an internal dialogue of extreme self-hate.

We say things to ourselves that we would be ashamed to say to another person.

"I'm an idiot!"

"I'm just wasting space..."

"I am worthless."

Find relief from the pain, suffering, and self-hate.

Individual counseling helps validate and connect personal meaning to events that are out of our control or from our past. We sort out the truth, and the lies that we have identified with.

When you engage in the counseling process with me, you'll discover someone who will look at you through an honest lens of hope and potential.

When a good connection is made between a professional counselor and their client, the healing process can begin.

I'll listen to what you're longing to say, and meet you where you're at.

Experience what it is to be truly heard.

As our relationship grows you'll begin to take on a new perspective of self-worth and positive self-regard.

Because we often suffer from being starved of acknowledgment, validation, and feeling like we matter, something special happens in counseling.

We will develop some meaningful purposeful goals to work towards. Then we will periodically check in own your progress towards the completion of your treatment. My goal is to help you reach your goals and thus work myself out of a job as quickly and efficiently as possible with each client I work with.

You can experience unconditional positive regard and true empathy.

You matter. I'll support you through your suffering.

I find meaning and purpose in helping you heal.

One of my favorite parts of this process is when a client discovers they value themselves enough to invest in counseling services.

Receive true empathy, validation, encouragement, and unconditional positive regard.

Get back into living your life to the fullest.

I'm honored that you would consider allowing me to journey with you towards healing.

Make the call today (970) 697-7995, and let's talk about how I can support you.