Reconcile With Your Past and Heal in the Present

Work toward healing with EMDR therapy in Grand Junction, CO

Many people struggle with secrets and memories they don't let themselves think about. At Meaning-Centered EMDR, INC in Grand Junction, Colorado, we use counseling services to help you work toward healing and recovery. You can recover from things like nightmares, flashbacks and feeling triggered by overwhelming emotions and thoughts.

Trauma affects age groups in different ways

When a person experiences trauma, it can affect their life forever. Each age group deals with trauma differently. That's why we treat all age groups, including:

  • Children: When trauma occurs during developmental years, it can impact the way children learn to behave from the start. Counseling services can help counteract that trauma.
  • Teens: Adolescence is a crucial part of a person's growth. As they learn to become an adult, trauma can impact their outlook on life.
  • Adults: Adults face trauma with an entirely different perspective than those in their developmental years. An experienced counselor can help walk you through your struggles. We also offer couples counseling.

Meaning-Centered EMDR can help patients of all ages and backgrounds. Schedule your individual or couples counseling services today by calling 970-697-7995.

Why choose Meaning-Centered EMDR?

When you work with Meaning-Centered EMDR in Grand Junction, Colorado, you'll put yourself on a path to healing. Recovery is possible if you're willing to take the steps forward. Our licensed, professional counselor, Mac Fish, has a Master's Degree in Clinical Counseling. By using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing EMDR), you can reduce the negative response to certain trauma-related triggers and move on with your life.

Hi, I'm Mac Fish

Let's join together as you journey towards healing and recovery.

I respect you. I believe you have what it takes.

I have professional training and experience with helping people heal from emotional trauma.

Come see me and together we will start taking the steps towards a life worth living.

Alissa Singh

Alissa Singh

MA, LPCC, EMDR Trained

Gaylene Ludwig

Gaylene Ludwig

MA, LPCC, EMDR Trained

Reconcile with your past.

You have secrets and memories that you don't even let yourself think about. I totally respect that and will hold that space with you on your terms.

I trust you. You can do this.

Heal in the present.

Heal in the present.

You can recover from things like nightmares, flashbacks, over-reacting, feeling triggered by overwhelming thoughts and emotions, addictions, etc.

Everything just changed.
...overwhelmed as you realize how much this affects you.

Your flow of life went from normal to chaos.
...uneasy about next steps to take as you move through life.

That well-meaning waitress says a word, someone walks up behind you, you see something, and here you are triggered again.
...tired of having those same reactions to triggers.

You can't seem to find meaning and purpose. Nothing seems safe or even real anymore.
...feels like you are stuck in your head and overwhelmed by life.

Need help finding your way?

Move towards a life worth living.

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