Where is the office located?

622 ROOD AVENUE SUITE C, Grand Junction, CO 81501


My office is located right next to the restaurant 626 on rood near the heart of downtown Grand Junction. You will need to walk up the stairs and my office is located to your left at the top of the stairs.

Where do I park?

It is downtown Grand Junction parking. Thankfully there is a public parking lot right across the street.

What are your office hours?

My office hours are by appointment. I am available to schedule Monday through Friday, between 8am and 5pm. After this time, I usually keep my phone on silent and reply to all calls and messages within 24 hours on the next business day.

How long is a typical session?

This question has a couple answers.

The first session, which is the intake session, is always 90 minutes. After that, we usually meet for 55 minutes, unless you are doing intensive EMDR.

If it seems like you need longer sessions, we can extend your time to 90-minute intensive sessions each week.

What do I do to get started?

Call (970) 697-7995, or email mac.fish@healfromtrauma.com, and I will send you a link to my simple practice account where you will fill out your intake paperwork.

I do all of my paperwork online, so you just log in with your link, and electronically read, fill out, and sign the paperwork. It really is pretty simple.

What is the hourly fee?

I charge a flat rate of $89 per hour. We do an intake session which lasts 90 minutes and thus it is $133.50. If you are demonstrating a significant need I might recommend that we do extended 90-minute sessions until we stabilize and then transition to the regular hour sessions.

How do I pay?

Cash, check, or credit card. I very much prefer cash or check as I have to pay a fee for using credit cards.

Do you accept insurance?

You can request reimbursement from your insurance provider. Please remember that you will be responsible for paying for your services and getting reimbursement from your insurance.

Call your insurance carrier to determine if you have mental health coverage. Check your coverage carefully, and make sure you understand their answers. Some helpful questions you can ask are:

  • Do I have any mental health benefits?
  • If so, what is the reimbursement for each Counseling session?
  • How many Counseling sessions does my plan cover?
  • How much does my insurance pay for an out-of-network provider?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Can you help me file my insurance?

If you want to consult your insurance provider about reimbursement for an out-of-network provider, I will be happy to provide you whatever information they need to reimburse you. This will be your responsibility though. I choose not to bill insurance for my clients.

How do I make an appointment?

Call me at (970) 697-7995. Email me at mac.fish@healfromtrauma.com

Can I cancel an appointment? What is your cancellation policy?

Of course. Please notify me 48 hours ahead of time, so that I can sleep in, go to the gym, get a snack, or fill your spot with another client.

Who is your perfect client?

Rhett and Link from good mythical morning. That would be amazing...

Otherwise, people seeking help with resolving symptoms of emotional trauma using EMDR.

What age range do you work with?

Usually age 3 and older. On a side note though- I know a ton about development and have strategies for working with infants; but, I do not have a lot of experience working with them. I have an amazing supervisor that is extremely talented with working with infants and so I am not above reaching out for help.

Ask me questions about how counseling may be helpful for your 0-3 year old and if I can help with your particular situation. I will be candid with you.

Do you work with men?

Yes. I specialize in working with "men's issues."

Women? Yes, many of my clients are women.

Couples? Yes, I enjoy working with couples and look forward to developing a plan that works for you both.

Adolescents? Yes, I have a special heart for working with children. I've been involved with elementary education sense 2005. Most recently, I worked as a school counselor serving over 750 elementary students, and I have a lot of resources and insight into the world of adolescent counseling.

Are you LGBTQIA friendly?

Yes, I am. I've had several clients from various orientations who needed help resolving relationship issues or healing from traumatic stress. I am honored to work with you.

Do you work with people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions?

I love working with people who are different than me. I get bored with myself...

As a professional counselor, and a curious person, I'm excited to get to know about you.

What can I expect in the first session?

The first session is the intake session. We'll meet each other and go over any questions you may have.

We'll work together to develop a treatment plan for your particular needs. We'll likely work through a chart of your family history and identify patterns and areas for further work.

We'll then identify the method of treatment that will work for you, so that we can reconcile with your past heal in the present and move towards a life worth living.

What is counseling like with you?

We'll greet and chit chat a bit about the current events happening in your life.

I'll give you resources for coping or calming strategies as needed. We typically go over the parts of your personal history that are relevant to your issue.

As we continue to meet, you'll report progress (or any new insights gained) from the previous counseling session. We'll define what it will look like when you have completed counseling and work with a clear goal towards that end.

Here are some quotes from clients and colleagues who've experienced working with me. I am required to not share personally identifiable information about any of my clients and so while they all volunteered to openly share their names I will choose to protect their confidentiality.

"Mac is a person who I would feel safe talking to about all of my life issues."
"Mac has incredibly sharp clinical skills as a professional counselor."
"Mac is a man of integrity who is constantly working with us to find sources of disturbance and solutions for moving forward in our relationship."
"It was nice to work with Mac as I feel truly heard."
"Mr. Fish is my favorite teacher because he helps me with my emotions and with real life!"
"Mac saved my life, and helped me find reasons to live for."
"Doing EMDR with Mac was a uniquely beautiful journey. I feel like I am able to live my life instead of watching it just go by."

How long will I be in therapy?

My goal, with every client, is to work myself out of a job...

The average length of treatment for my clients has been 5 to 10 sessions. Some people are done in as little as 3 sessions, and a few have been with me for more than 3 months.

It depends what your needs are.

Does anyone cry in front of you?

I like this question. Short answer is yes, of course.

Sometimes when people are feeling safe with me, they will cry. This is a sacred moment that I am honored to share with you, if, and when, it happens.

Do I have to tell you everything?

Nope. The counseling process is all about you.

You get to choose what you tell me, and whatever you share with me is what we work with. No more and no less.

Who benefits from counseling?

People who take the first step towards healing. Humans have a natural capacity to heal each other from speaking and being heard by a valued listener.

Counseling provides an opportunity for anyone to experience healing this way.

Is there anyone you won't see?

I really like this question! The only person I will not see is the person who chooses not to show up.

I work with anyone. I'm not trained to work with pre-verbal children, so I guess that would exclude children under 3, unless they have acquired a pretty good grasp on verbal skills.

What can a counselor do?

As a counselor, I can do all sorts of things that normal humans do: snowboard, swim, bike, run, play with dogs, read and write poetry, sing and play guitar, listen and even teach music, and eat ice cream.

My super powers are that I can join you in your journey and provide insight and a listening ear. In some cases, I can help instigate and motivate you towards healing in your nervous system if you're suffering from emotional trauma. More about that in the next question!

What is EMDR?

EMDR is an acronym for Eye, Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing. Basically it helps people get unstuck. It is a very powerful evidence-based method of counseling towards recovery from addictions, PTSD, anxiety and depression, and various other trauma related issues. Learn more about EMDR.

Do you offer video or phone sessions?

Yes, I do. Learn more about my Telehealth sessions.

What kind of groups do you have in your practice?

Currently, I provide abuse recovery groups.

What else can I try to help myself?

Diet, exercise, and sleep/rest. As we work together, we'll consider various activities for you to try.

How do I know if you are the right counselor for me?

I highly recommend that you read more about me on this website, and contact me via phone or email.

Are you a Christian counselor?

Yes, I am. For those of you who are not interested in Christianity or Christian counseling, please understand that I have no agenda here. My heart is to build relationships and provide healing regardless of your worldview.

I work with all people, and I only talk about faith on your terms. This process is about you, not me.

Is our work confidential? (For Couples)

As far as our work goes, I am legally bound to keep your information confidential, unless you are demonstrating a lethal danger to yourself or others or report abuse of others as I am a mandated reporter and have to follow the laws in that regard.

Do couples fight in front of you?

It can get heated, sometimes. But it's a safe place to be heard and validated without resorting to old patterns that just make it worse. We will talk, in length, about what this means as we work towards resolution.

Do you take sides?

Often people are afraid to go to counseling, because they "know" that the counselor will just take sides. Inevitably, the outcome for this couple is negative.

My role in couples counseling is not so simple as taking one side or the other. Sometimes there are years of painful stuff to work through. It requires us to look at things from every possible side and figure out what is really missing. I am on the side of healing and truth.

What do you enjoy about being a counselor?

I love seeing people make connections and discoveries about themselves. Watching a person's lights turn on and discover hope is very meaningful to me.

Have you been in counseling yourself?

I have been a client, and I continue to proactively seek out counseling help when I need it. I believe in what I do, and I'm not above getting help for myself.

What is your educational background?

Colorado Christian University: 2014-2016
Master of Arts in Counseling

Phoenix Seminary: 2009, 2013
Masters of Divinity (incomplete- 15 credits completed)

South African Theological Seminary: 2010
Associates degree in missiology

University of Utah: 2006-2008
Bachelor of Music Education
Professional Educators License, secondary, Music endorsement- k-12

Australian National University, Canberra Australia: 2004
Graduate Diploma of Music Performance

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley: 1998-2003
Bachelor of Music Performance

Montezuma Cortez High School: 1994-1998

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

You can call me at (970) 697-7995 or email me at mac.fish@healfromtrauma.com.

Do you prescribe medications?

No, I don't.

Do you take notes?

Yes I do, but not while we're working together. My notes are generalized and pertain to helping me better serve you as a client.

Is your furniture comfortable?

Yes, I have a sweet couch and a chair that is very cozy. The one I use is more ergonomically helpful, because I sit a lot - it's not really that comfortable, but it helps my back stay healthy.

Do I have to lie on a couch?

LOL! If you want to lie down on the couch, you can.

I haven't had any adults do that, yet. Most of my kiddos like to build forts out of my couch cushions and then lay down for a nap after we read a story and talk about stuff. To be honest I wish more people would do this.

If you want to take a nap, trust me - there are days that I would pay sweet money to take an hour-long nap at a counselors office! Pillow forts are cool and Naps are the best...

What brand of tissues do you offer?

Per my wife's suggestion, I only buy the good stuff. She thinks you can tell a lot about a person by the toilet paper and the tissues they buy.

Am I allowed to ask personal questions?

Sure. I'm going to, naturally, redirect the focus to you, because you're paying me for counseling, not the other way around.

I hope that you will ask me some questions to get to know me a little better.

What apps make your life better?

Kindle, streaks, pumatrac, sleep hypnosis, Spotify, 3D brain.

Cats or Dogs?

I currently own 2 dogs. I had cat friends in the past, so I guess both.