Find Common Ground in Your Relationship

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If you and your partner are struggling in your relationship, seek couples counseling from Meaning-Centered EMDR, INC in Grand Junction, Colorado. Here, all counseling discussions are completely confidential. Our office is a safe space for couples to come and work through their struggles with the help of a professional counselor. You and your partner can speak to a counselor together or individually.

There are no sides when you walk into our office for couples counseling. With Mac Fish, our licensed and professional counselor, you will be able to see the situation from every angle in order to understand your partner on a deeper level.

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3 benefits of working with a couples counselor

When you're struggling with your relationship, it can be incredibly useful to consult outside help. Working with a couples counselor can:

1. Improve your communication skills. Learn how to communicate your feelings effectively.
2. Resolve arguments with a mediator. Get an unbiased opinion on the situation.
3. Understand your partner in a new way. Find out more about your partners' communication style.

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